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FLIP LIST Monthly Subscription

FLIP LIST Monthly Subscription

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The FLIP LIST saves you hours of research by providing top cards with selling data that indicates they are great flip opportunities. We analyze over 100,000 sales prices from thousands of cards to find you the best flipping targets with buy and sell price targets based on recent data.

Join now and get our 100% RISK-FREE money-back guarantee for 30 days. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save time, flip cards, and grow your sports card collection!

"A great deal"
"The flip list alone saves me hours of card research each month, even if it only saved an hour of research at $15 thats like paying someone minimum wage to find card flips for me!"
- Brian



It's HERE! The biggest update yet! SAVE TIME researching cards to flip because now you have the FLIP LIST which shows you top cards with selling data that indicates they are great flip opportunities!

  • We download the latest auction data from thousands of cards
  • Then analyze literally 100,000 sales prices
  • To find you CARDS that can make great FLIPS
  • With BUY price targets and SELL price targets based on past data
  • SAVE TIME doing research and just check the FLIP LIST 
  • Updates daily, get your instant access NOW
  • Covers Cards from $50 to $500

FLIP LIST does all the hard work analyzing data trends, so you can spend more time FLIPPING CARDS for PROFIT!

REAL Auction results:

For 30 days, if for any reason you don't feel like you got your money's worth, return your subscription for a refund!

Notice: While we do our best to put card auction data into an easy to use format for you, please be sure to double check all data for accuracy, recency, and relevance to the market and do your own due diligence before acting upon any such data. Past auction data does not guarantee future values.

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