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10 of the Most Under Rated Baseball Players of All Time

Defining the "most underrated" baseball players of all time is subjective, as it can vary based on personal preferences, regional loyalties, and changing perceptions over time. However, there are several players who are often overlooked or overshadowed but have made significant contributions to the sport. Here's a list of some of those players, along with reasons why they may be underrated:

  1. Tim Raines:

    • Why: Raines was one of the best leadoff hitters and base stealers of his era. He had a career on-base percentage of .385 and stole over 800 bases. Yet, he was overshadowed by Rickey Henderson, arguably the best leadoff hitter ever. It also took Raines a long time to get inducted into the Hall of Fame, indicating that his contributions may not have been fully appreciated during his era.
  2. Alan Trammell:

    • Why: Trammell was a solid shortstop for the Detroit Tigers for 20 years. He had both defensive prowess and offensive capability, yet he wasn’t inducted into the Hall of Fame until 2018.
  3. Larry Walker:

    • Why: Walker's stats were often dismissed because he played a significant part of his career at Coors Field, which is a hitter-friendly park. However, his career batting average, power numbers, and outfield assists demonstrate that he was an all-around exceptional player.
  4. Edgar Martinez:

    • Why: As a designated hitter, Martinez often faced skepticism about his role since he wasn't playing the field. But his batting prowess, with a career .312 average and a .418 on-base percentage, made him one of the best hitters of his era.
  5. Bobby Grich:

    • Why: Grich had six All-Star appearances and four Gold Glove awards. His advanced stats show he was one of the top second basemen of the 1970s and 1980s, but he remains outside of the Hall of Fame.
  6. Lou Whitaker:

    • Why: Whitaker paired with Alan Trammell to form one of the best double-play combinations in baseball history. Like Grich, he was a top second baseman of his time but has been largely overlooked by Hall of Fame voters.
  7. Dwight Evans:

    • Why: Known for his stellar right-field defense and powerful bat, Evans' offensive numbers are comparable to many Hall of Famers. However, he played during an era with several high-profile outfielders, which possibly overshadowed his accomplishments.
  8. Kevin Brown:

    • Why: Brown is one of the most dominant pitchers of the 1990s but rarely gets the credit he deserves. His sinker was one of the best, and his ERA and other metrics indicate he was on par with many Hall of Fame pitchers.
  9. Will Clark:

    • Why: Clark was a consistent hitter throughout his career with a .303 average. He was often overshadowed by other first basemen of his era like Mark McGwire and Frank Thomas.
  10. Kenny Lofton:

  • Why: Lofton's combination of speed, defense, and hitting ability made him a dynamic player, yet he's rarely mentioned among the game's greats. He led the league in steals five times and has a career batting average of .299.

Each of these players had exceptional careers and made significant contributions to their teams. They might be underrated due to playing alongside other stars, evolving perceptions about their positions, or simply because their strengths were subtle and less flashy. Nonetheless, all deserve recognition for their impact on the game.

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