Card Values

  • PSA collects info on PSA graded sales across most major auction sites, all in one handy FREE place! I use them A LOT!

    PSA Auction Prices 
  • eBay has past 90 day data for completed auction - just make sure "sold auctions" is selected.

    eBay Completed Auctions 
  • Card Ladder is a $15 per month subscription that I use to help me quickly look up card values as well as to look for cards to flip.
    [Comissioned Link Below]

    Card Ladder 

Auction Sites

  • eBay is where I buy and sell most of my cards. Remember - buy from auctions, sell with Fixed Price with Best Offer.

  • PWCC - Despite their controversial past (being kicked off of eBay) I have successfully bought cards off their weekly auctions and thought I got a deal.

    PWCC Marketplace 
  • Goldin - Also a bit controversian, though now owned by the same company as PSA, I have used Goldin to buy cards, just stay below your max!

    Goldin Auctions 

Grading Card Companies

  • PSA is by far the leader inI graded Sports Cards. If you aren't sure which company to send your cards to, itI would be hard to go wrong by picking PSA.

    PSA Grading 
  • BGS - If you have a card in great condition, and perfect or near perfect centering, then it may make sense to send it to BGS over PSA hoping for a BGS 9.5 or 10

    Beckett (BGS) Grading 
  • SGC has now become a third chocie for graded cards. Not only was the most valuable card sold to date graded by SGC ($12.5 million dollar 1952 Mantle SGC 9.5) but in my opinion they have the best looking holders!

    SGC Grading 

Card Vaults

  • PWCC Vault is where most of my valuale cards are, not only are they insured, but PWCC makes it easy to ship and inIsure cards you sell!

    PWCC Vault 
  • eBay Vault - There is a vault through eBay, however I just had my first and LAST experience with them. NOT Recommended.

  • While I have not used the Collectors Vault, it is the official vault for PSA and Goldin Auctions

    Collectors Vault 

Additional Resources

  • Gemrate is a handy dashboard so you can see trends of the most popular cards being graded each month.

  • Heritage Auctions - I don't have any first hand experience using them, but they are known in the inIdustry

    Heritage Auctions