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Let's talk a little bit about how I got into trading Sports Cards. I was born in the 1970s and when I was a kid baseball cards were just a huge deal, in fact I'm amazed at how much a part of culture they were at the time! As kids, we always got together and we tried to trade with our friends, and we had our collections and so forth and I ended up with a modest collection. Lots of cards but actually, but very little of true value.

So I had started investing in sports cards seriously a little bit over 20 years ago. When I graduated college and got my first salary and steady paycheck, and all of a sudden, I realized I could buy any card I wanted (just about).

I started buying the 1986 Topps Traded Barry Bonds rookie cards as an actual investment. They were (and still are) about $300 per card for a PSA 10.

I started buying the cards just because he was a pretty iconic figure at the time and I loved the look of these cards specifically when I was kid. So as soon as I got out of college and had some money, I just started buying up Barry Bonds graded rookie cards.

Coincidentally it was the year that he broke the single season home run record of 73 home runs and I ended up buying and selling cards all year long. I just started buying them and all of a sudden the cards were going up in value so I would buy more and I would sell some along the way and by the time the season ended I had sold just about all of my Barry Bonds cards for a pretty big profit.

I was only 23 years old and I made tens of thousands of dollars in just one baseball season and I was pretty hooked at that time on buying and selling sports cards. For 20 years now I've been more and less active buying and selling sports cards. And now sports cards are more popular than ever and it's a great time to get into and really understand what's going on in the space!

But ALL TIME Records aren’t broken every year!

So I had to learn another way to make money with Sports Cards, and after some trial and error this is what I learned.

Every Day on eBay, some Sports Cards sell for less than they are worth? 😲

For example with a little work and some tips you can find $300 cards selling for only $200 💰

That means you can buy undervalued cards today that can be immediately sold for a profit! 💵

What most people get wrong about trading Baseball, Football, Basketball or Hockey cards is that they buy popular cards, and HOPE the value goes up after years and years. Sometimes this works but takes too long, but often the cards values can stay flat or even go down over time! :(

This course teaches you a better way!

Instead - I made a course call How to Invest in Sports Cards like a PRO! and it teaches the 6 Secrets I've learned to help buy undervalued cards that can be immediately sold for a profit! 

Why I invest in sports cards? Well, it's fun for sure, you're holding a piece of history and you know the buying and selling of sports cards is kind of like a sport in of itself. Looking for deals and auctions, trying to be the winning bidder in an auction to get specific card to get your collection, and then to find really good cards to invest in. And the fun part is you can make some money along the way as well.

Example Recent Flips for Profit

Example of My Method To Flipping Cards

My goal with the courses and information here at Sports Cards EDGE is truly to help give you an EDGE making money with Sports Cards!