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1990s Most Valuable Baseball Cards Worth Money from your Childhood Collection

Counting down the 37 most expensive baseball cards from the 1990s, using PSA 9 values greater than $100

Some featured cards include

1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones #333: This card is one of the most valuable of the 1990s. The Desert Shield set was created for troops involved in Operation Desert Shield, making these cards particularly rare. Chipper Jones's rookie card is considered the set's jewel.

1993 Upper Deck SP Derek Jeter Foil #279: This Derek Jeter rookie card is one of the most coveted cards from the 1990s. It is a part of the special edition '93 SP set and the foil card makes it very valuable but also prone to damage, so mint condition cards are especially sought after.

1990 Frank Thomas No Name on Front (NNOF) Error Card: Produced by Topps, this card has a production error that left off Frank Thomas's name. The rarity of the error has made it a much-desired card for collectors.

1993 Topps Finest Refractor Ken Griffey Jr. #110: This card is a part of Topps' first set of premium baseball cards. The refractor versions of these cards, especially Ken Griffey Jr's, are considered incredibly valuable.

1994 Upper Deck Alex Rodriguez Rookie #24: This card features the rookie card of Alex Rodriguez, one of the most accomplished players of his generation. The Upper Deck card's combination of scarcity and desirability make it one of the top cards from the '90s.

1991 Bowman Chipper Jones #569: This card is not as rare or valuable as some others from the '90s, but it remains a popular card due to it being a rookie card for Chipper Jones, one of the most respected players of the era.

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