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$211 PROFIT on HOT Elly De La Cruz Baseball Card Rookie Auto

$211 PROFIT on HOT Elly De La Cruz Baseball Card Rookie Auto

Under a star-studded sky, a record-breaking audience of 43,086 fervent fans bore witness to a spectacular display of baseball prowess at the Great American Ball Park. The Cincinnati Reds, in an awe-inspiring feat, stretched their longest victory run since 1957 to an astounding 12 games on Friday night. Triumphing against the National League's current best, the Atlanta Braves, the Reds turned a 5-0 and 7-5 deficit into a riveting 11-10 victory. Showcasing their mettle and grit, this marked their 27th comeback win, and their fifth in a row, placing them at the pinnacle of baseball comebacks this season.

Flashback to April 17, a paltry crowd of 7,375 was all that the Reds had in their corner. The smallest turnout in the history of the Great American Ball Park was perhaps a sign of their waning popularity. But fast forward to now, the stands are brimming with passionate fans, the atmosphere positively crackling with an electric energy. Riding the wave of their thrilling performances, the Reds are back in form and capturing the hearts of the Queen City once more.

Reflecting on this Friday night rollercoaster, here are five pivotal moments that defined the Reds' exhilarating comeback and extended their winning streak:

  1. De La Cruz's Historic Cycle

The Braves seemed invincible in the beginning, their onslaught led by Travis d'Arnaud's three-run homer that had the Reds trailing by a formidable 5-0. But the Reds refused to capitulate. Instead, the young phenom Elly De La Cruz became the catalyst of a staggering comeback.

Elly De La Cruz, the radiant 21-year-old superstar, etched his name in the annals of baseball history by hitting for the cycle on Friday night, a feat not accomplished by a Reds player since Eric Davis in 1989. Here's a glimpse into his dynamic performance:

  • 2nd inning: A double with a thundering speed of 116.6 mph. This was swiftly followed by his run on Jake Fraley's two-run homer, narrowing the gap to 5-2.
  • 3rd inning: An impressive over-the-shoulder catch in foul territory to retire Matt Olson.
  • 4th inning: An explosive 96.3 mph two-run homer bringing the Reds within a hair's breadth of the Braves, 5-4.
  • 5th inning: An RBI single inching the Reds closer to a tie at 7-6, followed by a stolen second.
  • 6th inning: A blistering 98.0 mph triple to complete the cycle.
  • 8th inning: A routine flyout to center. After all, nobody's perfect.

At just 21 years and 163 days, De La Cruz has carved his name in baseball history as the fifth youngest player to hit for the cycle. Furthermore, he is the youngest player since 1901 to achieve both a cycle and a stolen base in a single game. He is also the first Reds player with 10 extra-base hits and seven stolen bases within his first 15 career games, making his early career nothing short of sensational. His enthralling performance on Friday night is one for the books.

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