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6 Secrets to Sports Cards PROFITS!

I am so glad you are here! You are about to Discover the 6 insider tips that will help you make money with Sports Cards!

I'm Tom from Sports Cards EDGE and I have been making money flipping Sports Cards for almost 25 years!

I've found I enjoy the hobby a lot more and can collect more cards for my personal collection when I also find ways to make money with Sports Cards!

That's why I cover all of this in detail in my course How to Invest in Sports Cards like a PRO!

6 Secrets to Sports Cards PROFITS!

SECRET #1) Identifying money making opportunities

Every Day on eBay, some Sports Cards sell for less than they are worth? 😲

That's because there is no set price for sports cards, just a bunch of individual auctions, so quite often something like this happens where a $150 card sells for only $100!

Now that you know this happens everyday, the next key is to know WHEN it will happen.

SECRET #2) Using DATA to get an EDGE

What most people get wrong about making money with Baseball, Football, Basketball or Hockey cards is that they buy popular cards, and HOPE the value goes up after years and years. Sometimes this works but takes too long, but often the cards values can stay flat or even go down over time! :(

In the course I show you a better way! How to find $300 cards like this one when under priced auctions occur, so you can buy it for $200 and then immediately sell it for $300.

SECRET #3) Uncovering FLIP opportunities!

I created something call FLIP LIST which does all the hard work for you to find these card flip opportunities:

  • We download the latest auction data from thousands of cards
  • Then analyze literally 100,000 sales prices
  • To find you CARDS that can make great FLIPS
  • With BUY price targets and SELL price targets based on past data
  • SAVE TIME doing research and just check the FLIP LIST
  • Covers Cards from $50 to $500

Then FLIP LIST give you a list of over 60 cards right now that make the best flip opportunities!

SECRET #4) How to win the card for a LOW price

When a good flip opportunity arises, you need to be the one to POUNCE on it and win the auction for a low price!

In the course How to Invest in Sports Cards like a PRO!  you will the best tips and tricks I have learned over 20 years of winning auctions so you don't miss our or over pay for a target card! 

SECRET #5) How I save an extra $100+ on each card

This secret is a little bit more involved, and I explain everything in the course, but in short when I buy a card on eBay, I can have it sent to an insured card vault like PWCC's in Oregon where the card will be imaged, insured, and stored for me until I sell it, AND because the vault is in Oregon I pay 0% sales tax when I buy the card! This can easily saves me $100+ on each card I flip!

I have dramatically improved my PROFIT margin on flips using this service.

SECRET #6) How to SELL your card for a PROFIT

Now that you have watched my course and used the FLIP LIST to find a card to flip, the next step is to know the tips and tricks to sell it for the most on auction sites like eBay!

I cover when to use auctions, fixed price listings and "buy it now" listings as well as some advanced techniques to send offers to people who have looked at your listing!

What are you waiting for? Try out the course with our 100% RISK FREE Money Back GUARANTEE to learn all about how I make money with Sports Cards!

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As a little extra motivation here are some of my best most recent card flips using this information!

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