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My First and LAST eBay Vault Experience

I DO NOT recommend using the eBay vault to store or list your Sports Cards.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE storing my card in a card vault like PWCC for the following reasons:

  • Secure and insured storage of expensive cards
  • They manage the shipping and insurance of sales (which is a BIG DEAL for cards over $1,000)
  • There is 0% sales tax on cards you purchase that are sent to PWCC's vault in Oregon

So when I had a chance to send a card I bought to the eBay vault, I decided to test it out.

Here is what I learned.

1) eBay has NO customer service. So when their scan of the front of this card didn't clearly show the "One of One" foil on the front (maybe due to glare) there was NO ONE at eBay who can fix this for me. If you compare this to PWCC when I ask for a rescan they fix it within a few hours

2) You have NO CONTROL over your listing for cards in the vault. I was not able to upload my own better image of this card because vault item images are locked and you can only use their images

3) The only option I had was to withdraw my card and eBay charged me 5% fee to do this. As you may know the PWCC vault charges 1-3%

In summary, this card would NOT have sold for as much if I couldn't get the One of One on the front image to show, and there was nothing eBay would do to help.

It was as if I sent my card to JAIL.

The only thing I could do was pay to have it shipped to me and I can then take proper scans.

Worst of all the helpful eBay customer service rep seemed to understand my issues and agree that there was nothing they could do.

And that is why my first experience with the eBay Vault will be my last. I will stick with PWCC which has really good customer service.


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