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Sports Cards Index - June 2024 Update

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All card prices are indexed to the 2017 average prices for the specific card. Therefore an index of 200 means the cards values have generally doubled since 2017. Also note an index score of 200 will mean the values have generally increased by +100%. Similarly cards that have increased in value by +200% have increased in value 3x over the period being compared (month, year, etc).
Our Sports Cards INDEX is made up primarily by:
  • The most popular and best selling cards in each sport (GOATs)
  • Graded rookie cards
  • Cards valued from $100 to $15,000 (no million dollar cards here!)
  • Retired "generational" talents who best represent the demand of the hobby
  • The past 100,000 or so most recent auction sales

Our INDEX is best viewed as how much interest / demand there is for Sports Cards as a whole. It is intentionally NOT a measure of new rookies, 1/1 short prints, or current player performance swings.

DISCLAIMERS: FLIP cards at your own risk. Data is pulled from online sources and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information. Do your own research and confirm data yourself before buying or selling any cards. Sports Cards EDGE does not provide legal or financial advice and is not responsible for transactions you decide to under take. Past data is no guarantee of future prices, Sport Card buying and selling contains the risk of losing money. Data is provided as a courtesy for informational purposes only. Avoid PSA cards with Qualifiers (oc) (mk) etc as those are not included in these statistics.
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