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Stop Breaking Boxes and Opening Packs

Don't get me wrong, I love opening fresh packs of cards. However I learned a long time ago that it is NOT a reliable way to make money with Sports Cards.

In fact, it is more like trying to play the lottery than it is investing in sports cards.

There are several reasons why opening packs or boxes of sports cards may be considered a bad investment:

  1. High cost: The cost of buying a pack or box of sports cards can be quite high these days, especially these ultra modern premium cards, which means that the potential return on investment may be low.

  2. No guarantee of valuable cards: When you open a pack or box of sports cards, there is no guarantee that you will receive any valuable cards. In fact, it is quite common to receive a lot of common cards that are not worth much. And the price of the cards basically means you have to plan on pulling a monster to make it worth it!

  3. Risk of damage: Cards can be easily damaged during the opening process, which can greatly reduce their value. I think it is better to just buy an undervalued PSA 10 than hope to pull one and then get it graded a 10.

  4. Market fluctuations: The value of sports cards can fluctuate greatly depending on factors such as player performance, injuries, and retirements. This can make it difficult to predict the value of a card.

  5. It is gambling: Opening packs or boxes of sports cards is similar to gambling in that the outcome is uncertain and the odds are often stacked against you.

Do this instead:

  • Use past sales DATA
  • Find UNDERVALUED graded cards
  • Win them low so you can immediately flip them for a profit

That's what I do anyways, and I can show you how in How to Invest in Sports Cards like a PRO!



Stop breaking boxes of baseball cards there’s so much better way to make money with sports cards!

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