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The "Easiest" $100 I've Made Flipping

As you know I have been flipping baseball cards for over 20 years, and recently I have started teaching others how to do the same with my course How to Invest in Sports Cards Like a PRO!

So I wanted to share a a tip with you from a recent flip.

I bought this card for $353 and listed it for sale at $999 because it is a 1/1 so the only card like it in the world.

Someone offered me $700 and that was more than enough for me to want to sell it, however I know If I was asking $999 and they offered $700, that we wouldn't be too far apart to meet in the middle.

So I countered with $850 and they upped their offer to $800. And THAT extra $100 is an example of the "easiest" money I made flipping because sure I could have settled for $700, and I didn't want to be greedy and lose the sale, but if they were in for $700 they were in for $800.

2022 Topps Archives 1/1 Yordan Alvarez 2020 Rookie RC AUTO Signature Series Opening Day
 1/1 Masterpiece - Only Copy Ever Made!
Ungraded, encased and sealed by manufacturer.
AUG 2022




DEC 2022




Total PROFIT = $311.75

Here's to wishing you similar success, so you are going to WANT to learn more about how I do this and all of my tips and tricks In this one course:

How to Invest in Sports Cards Like a PRO!

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