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What is the FLIP LIST from Sports Cards EDGE?

I recently received this type of email:

"Hi Tom from Sports Cards EDGE, I got your course a little bit ago and loved it! I've been reading about your FLIP LIST membership and it sounds interesting, can you tell me more about it."

And here is my reply which I figured I'd post here to help anyone else as well!

Yeah after a number of people took my course: How to invest in Sports Cards Like a PRO and understood how I use data to flip baseball cards, they asked if I could do the analysis for them and FLIP LIST was born!

My long explanation is below but the short one is like everything I offer, try it and if you don’t like it I’ll refund you!

I’ve combed through thousands of cards and found hundreds of cards with the special combination that have a fair number of regular sales and enough variance in price for flip opportunities. 

So right now FLIP LIST updates daily with the latest sales data, but it looks at the past 90 day sales trends and only lists those that are right now high scoring flip opportunities. 

I would say any card on flip list now is worth watching for the next month or so and looking for auctions that are going for below the target buy price so you can flip it at the target sell price for a profit. And right now there are over 70 cards on there today you could start watching and flipping. 

I put that into a $15 per month data plan I call DATA EDGE which includes:

1) The FLIP LIST saves you hours of research by providing top cards with selling data that indicates they are great flip opportunities. We analyze over 100,000 sales prices from thousands of cards to find you the best flipping targets with buy and sell price targets based on recent data.

2) The SPORTS CARD TRACKER puts the power of auto-updating Google Sheets in your hands to track your collection, target buying and selling opportunities, and help you find the next card flip opportunity. Each miracle sheet tracks up to 15 cards you select and customize any time, with instant auto updates saving you hours of work each time the sheet refreshes with the most recent auction prices and PSA graded population reports. You can track up to 300 cards!

3) The SPORTS CARD INDEX helps you keep an eye on price and value trends in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey cards. It helps you know when the overall card market is up, down, or flat, making it easier to buy and sell cards.

If you have any other questions send me an email or hit "Contact Us" on the website!

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