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Why I STILL enjoy helping you make money with Sports Cards!

Let's get a few things out of the way.

YES - I have really been making money with Sports Cards for over 20 years.

And YES I am a normal regular guy just like you.

But once I started offering to help others learn how I make money with Sports Cards, all of a sudden some internet people were triggered.

Now I'm not going to spend too much time on them, obviously what we do to help you make money with Sports Cards is not for them. They are too cynical or jaded to think anyone who knows something of value would ever share it with others.

(PS - There is plenty of opportunity in Sports Cards for all of us, there is an overwhelming number of cards out their to flip!)

Despite the occasional negative comment on Facebook or Instagram, getting real honest reviews about how I have helped someone else have FUN and MAKE MONEY with Sports Cards makes it all worth it. (Can't stop me internet trolls!)

I was honored to receive this review from Joe who bought the course:
"How to Invest in Sports Cards like a PRO!"

"This course teaches you how to make sure you will not lose money in your [card] sales and also tells you how to invest in some of those rookie cards you wished you had but don’t.

A lot of the information taught is not what you would normally think of in buying and selling sports cards. It’s like a behind the scenes course of the people that are really bringing in the dough!

Seriously! Not only is the curriculum exceedingly important to “need to know” but the customer service offered is top notch, which we all know is just as important as anything these days.The price I paid is next to nothing for what I got. I will definitely be referring my friends hoping they to take advantage.

Do yourself a favor and purchase the course, whether you’re just starting or have been collecting for many years like myself. I found the course to be extremely affordable for EVERYONE and that’s what sets the example here.

I’d value the course and knowledge to at least $500.I mean if someone follows the strategies, they are obviously going to make their money back in at least the first 3 or 4 cards they invest in, maybe less if it’s a great deal on an expensive card."

THANK YOU Joe! I really appreciate your review! I am so glad you found it so valuable!

And it is reviews like yours that make the occasional online hate worth it.

Also this is a super kind review from Jonathan which really energizes me to keep going. Keep up the great work flipping cards Jonathan!

Lastly, whenever I read a cynical comment, I also I think of this quote:

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