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Sports Cards INDEX - Keep an eye on the price and value trends in Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey cards!

Sports Cards TRACKER is a Google Sheet you can run on your own computer. With your subscription you can make up to 20 different copies of the TRAKER and track 300 cards!

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TRACKER Video Instructions:

Please watch the video below on how to use the TRACKER as well as how to get it started when you first open it up.

The FIRST TIME you download the Sheet:
NOTE: It may take 5-10 mins the first time you install the sheet for google to execute your initial web scraping data calls. After that it will run much smoother.

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DISCLAIMERS: FLIP cards at your own risk. Data is pulled from online sources and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information. Do your own research and confirm data yourself before buying or selling any cards. Sports Cards EDGE does not provide legal or financial advice and is not responsible for transactions you decide to under take. Past data is no guarantee of future prices, Sport Card buying and selling contains the risk of losing money. Data is provided as a courtesy for informational purposes only. Avoid PSA cards with Qualifiers (oc) (mk) etc as those are not included in these statistics.