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FLIP ELITE Membership (Monthly Subscription)

FLIP ELITE Membership (Monthly Subscription)

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FLIP ELITE is just like our FLIP LIST, except it helps you find cards ready to flip that are worth $500 + so this may not be the right membership for everyone.

Also with FLIP ELITE  we want to preserve card flip opportunities for our members, therefore only specific limited number of memberships are available at any given time.

Flipping $500+ cards is not for everyone, but if it is right for you sign up now or contact us if you have any questions.

This subscription will give you access to the FLIP ELITE  list of cards we track valued at $500 +, if you want to also track and flip cards valued below $500 we suggest you get our DATA PLAN with the original FLIP LIST. 


Also it is recommended you subscribe to or at list be familiar with FLIP LIST in our DATA PACK plan before joining FLIP ELITE:

  • We download the latest auction data from thousands of cards
  • Then analyze literally 100,000 sales prices
  • To find you CARDS that can make great FLIPS
  • With BUY price targets and SELL price targets based on past data
  • SAVE TIME doing research and just check the FLIP LIST 
  • Updates daily, get your instant access NOW
  • FLIP LIST Covers Cards from $50 to $500
  • FLIP ELITE Covers Cards worth $500+

FLIP LIST does all the hard work analyzing data trends, so you can spend more time FLIPPING CARDS for PROFIT!

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